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Frequently Asked Bingo Questions


 Beginners and players who have not played Bingo in a while should look through our listed schedule and review the games played by each of the group for the day they would like to come. Pick a session and just come. Our groups, staff and our players are very helpful. See Schedule.
The best way to increase your chances of getting a "BINGO" is to play with more cards or a machine. If you play with one card as the other players, your chances of winning are no different from theirs. However, if you’re playing with five cards, you increase your chances of winning by 500%. Even though you won’t be the only one playing with multiple cards, you’ll be far much better than those who have just one.
Any session at Longmont Bingo Alley is a great session. To increase you chances of winning you should pick a session that does not have as many people. You can always call or Facebook us and we will advise you on which ones typically have less people.
The doors open two hours before games start so players can get their seats and have time to purchase all their Bingo items, buy some concessions and prepare for the session. We suggest on big events and Must Go's that you arrive early to get you seat and be ready to play.
Yes, kids are allowed Monday – Friday and on Saturday. Children must be 7 years or older to enter the hall. Nobody under the age 18 is allowed to purchase any bingo packets, pull tabs or dab games; however, they may play what is purchased for them by an adult and must play at least one packet with their own receipt.
No everyone in the hall must have their own receipt, no splitting of packets allowed.
No, Everyone must have their own receipt. No Payouts without a valid receipt. The Games Manager is the final authority in the event of a dispute.
It is your responsibility to stop the caller if you have a Bingo. Once a game has been called closed, no other Bingos will be honored. The Games Manager is the final authority in the event of a dispute.
When you get a Bingo - You must yell "BINGO" so the caller can stop the game and the volunteers can verify your card and your Bingo. Once you are determined a winner, the caller will verify if there are other Bingo, if not, and you will be declared the winner of that game and you will receive the amount $ that the group has listed for that game. If there are multiple winners, you will split the pot evenly with the other Bingo winners for that game. Each group is different with their payout method. Typically, if the amount is less than $1,199.00 you will be paid in cash, and anything over $1,199.00 - you will be paid by check. This is up to each group individually and may vary from what is stated above.
Typically, when you win more than $1,199.00 you will need 2 forms of ID for the groups to issue your winnings. It is always good to have your ID and another form of ID with you when you come as you may win the BIG ONE$$$
Double action is a Bingo in each square contains two numbers, and players only need one of them to be called in order to dab a square.
At this time the only afternoon games we have are 12pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. Check our schedule for the exact times and session hosts. See Schedule.
Credit cards are accepted for Bingo on Monday night and Friday nights. Concession is cash only. An ATM is available to all players inside the Bingo Alley.
Yes, we have a full concession stand at Longmont Bingo Alley. We do not allow outside food or drink to be brought in. Please view are menu for a list of food items and our pricing. See Concessions.
No, we do not sell alcohol or any alcohol related items at Longmont Bingo Alley and we do not allow alcohol to be brought into the Bingo Alley. In the future we will have special bingo events with beer and wine. Please be sure to sign up for our VIP text club and you will be notified of these events as they are announced. Signup for VIP Notices.
No, a volunteer may not purchase any packets nor play dab games or pickles while volunteering.
Our VIP texting club will send you text messages when we have Big Progressives, Must Go's and Special Events.        If you love Bingo and you want the best chances to win BIG $ please Signup for VIP Notices.