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About Longmont Bingo Alley

Longmont Bingo Alley is Northern Colorado’s place for playing and winning at BINGO!

Over $20,000 is given away weekly and Progressive Jackpots regularly reach over $10,000!

12 weekly sessions. We play Bingo every day of the week.

Longmont Bingo Alley’s Profile

Established in 1992, Longmont Bingo Alley has been serving regular and new bingo players at the same location for over 27 years. Working with local charitable nonprofit organizations, Longmont Bingo Alley offers to pull tabs/pickles, progressive pull tabs, progressive bingo games, personal electronic bingo machines, must-go’s, raffles, giveaways, and more.

Playing Bingo at Longmont Bingo Alley is not only fun and exciting but you are raising money for the valuable charities of the community all run by volunteers. The volunteers are well trained and are more than willing to assist any new players on the multiple games played.
Come Play, Come Eat, and Come Win!

Why Charitable Gaming?

In Colorado, only tax-exempt organizations and non-profits 501 (3) (c) can utilize this type of fundraising. Bingo, pull tabs and raffles generate tax-free income for non-profits proven to be a great need in all communities. Charitable gaming creates a sustainable income source year after year. If a non-profit organization wants to operate bingo games for profit it must apply for a bingo license through the Colorado Secretary of State which regulates bingo in Colorado. As part of the process, the non-profits must prove and provide documentation to the state verifying that they have been in existence as a 501(3) (c) for five (5) years consecutively.